Our vision

Redblue stands out in the Parisian value-add investment market thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and its capability to anticipate future significant real estate trends. Proximity and interest alignement with partners and clients are the keystones to the company's development.

All of Redblue's projects integrate common objectives: preserving and enhancing Paris' real estate heritage, providing high quality refurbishment for our properties and delivering on our commitments.

Our Vision

Sensible and independent decision-making

Independence is a key value of Redblue. It allows us to base our actions on analyses, not trends, and be free to make our own decisions. This independent spirit has allowed Redblue to develop a strong economic model and to allocate capital in the most efficient methods.

Our independence is reflected in a strong belief in our investment approach, and the significant resources we have allocated to our fundamental analysis of economic, financial and operational factors as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Proximity and transparency

The Redblue spirit thrives on two major commitments: quality and proximity. We are active on all asset types displaying favorable risk/return ratios, while maintaining a strong and close relationship with the market and with all project stakeholders.

Our everyday ambition is to provide tailored solutions to our partners and clients. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Parisian market as well as our transparency in the communication of information, we guarantee our partners and clients a close monitoring over their investment, at all times.

Sustainability as a driver of profitability

Our investment policy is based on the systematic integration of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria in our business plans, at the same level as economic, financial and operational criteria.

Our profound belief is predicated on the gap in value between refurbished, energy-efficient buildings and second-hand properties will continue to grow in the upcoming years, thus creating a premium for investors. We are also convinced that sustainable real estate projects are the ones that should and will be favoured by third-party financial institutions in the future.

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