Our Team

The strength of Redblue lies in the professionalism and diversity of our in-house teams.

We are focused on encouraging and promoting complementarity and social diversity, which is essential to identify the best and most profitable investment opportunities as well as understanding the requirements of our clients and partners. We are convinced that strong values such as inclusiveness, integration and transparency are key to generating high value for our clients.

Managing Director

  • Francesco Crivelli

    Francesco Crivelli


Asset Management

  • Adrien Tabuteau

    Adrien Tabuteau

    Head of Asset Management and Development

Leasing and Marketing

  • Quitterie Bach

    Quitterie Bach

    Head of Leasing and Marketing

Finance and Accounting

  • Fatima Tang

    Fatima Tang

    Head of Finance and Accounting

Property Management

    Facilities Management

    • Frédéric Rochaix

      Frédéric Rochaix

      Head of Facilities Management

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